GRTgaz, a limited liability company (SA) with capital of EUR 618,592, 590, whose registered office is located at 6 rue Raoul Nordling, 92277 BOIS-COLOMBES CEDEX, registered in the commercial register of Nanterre under number RCS Paris 440 117 620, is organising the “Les Challenges Open Innovation 2018” (Open Innovation Challenges) contest.

GRTgaz’s full offer is described on the website:



The purpose of the GRTgaz Open Innovation Challenges GRTgaz is to identify innovative concepts that can address issues not yet solved within the company and which have significant financial or safety considerations. The objective is to use the best of them.

These Challenges are an opportunity for many companies, laboratories or schools which have skills and capabilities that can be harnessed by GRTgaz. It ultimately involves creating innovative partnerships with the winning entities.
GRTgaz is organising, between March 2018 and December 2018, 6 calls for projects for which it seeking concept proposals.

The detailed descriptions of these themes are available on the Open Innovation Challenges website:



The concepts presented will be assessed according to the following criteria:

– Ability of the concept to resolve the issues presented

– Technical and economic feasibility;

       >    Estimated time horizon for the design of the solution

       >    Estimated cost of the solution,

>    Production capacity and implementation of the solution

       >    These criteria will be examined during the different phases of the selection process described in ARTICLE 4 – SELECTION PROCESS.

Maturity of the concept

Although it is not a condition for making a submission, particular attention will be paid to the maturity of the project / the proposed solution. Ideally, a prototype or Proof of Concept (POC) will already have been produced of this innovation.


Submission phase

Each submission received via the submission site which meets the eligibility criteria and participation conditions described in ARTICLE 6 – PARTICIPATION CONDITIONS will be considered as a candidate.

The team managing the Open Innovation Challenges may contact the candidate company in advance in order to clarify elements of the submission if need be, with the aim of ensuring its eligibility.

Analysis of the submission and selection of nominees

Each submission will be analysed by a selection committee composed of at least the person in charge of each call for projects, the team managing the challenges and internal GRTgaz innovation experts. GRTgaz reserves the right to use the services of external experts to support it in this phase of analysing the submissions.

The files will be assessed according to the selection criteria set out in ARTICLE 3 – SELECTION CRITERIA. Following the analysis phase, GRTgaz will select 1 to 4 nominated projects.

All the participants will be notified of the result by a communication at the end of this phase.

Meeting of nominees phase

Juries will be organised over a 3-week period as soon as the nominees have been selected, to allow the nominees to present their projects. These juries will receive the nominees on GRTgaz premises or in a place of innovation in Paris.
These juries will be composed of GRTgaz directors, the persons in charge of each call for projects, the team managing the Challenges and internal GRTgaz group innovation experts. GRTgaz reserves the right to use the services of external experts to support it in this meeting of nominees phase.
At the end of this meeting period, one or more of the winners will be identified through a call for projects (i.e. at least 6 winners of the GRTgaz Open Innovation Challenges).

All the participants will be notified of the result by an email communication once the juries have made their decisions.

Award of the prizes

The names of the winners will be publicly communicated at the end of each call for projects campaign. An award ceremony will be organised at the end of 2018 to publicise all the winners of the year and the GRTgaz partners. At this ceremony, there will be several GRTgaz directors, Senior Management as well as all the teams present during the previous selection phases.



A partnership will be organised with the winner(s) of each call for projects. The partnership arrangements will be defined on a case by case basis with the winning companies after the final jury session.


This partnership will result, among other things, in a financial allocation whose purpose is to:


– Finance the start-up of the project as part of a co-development


– Support the company with developing its innovation projects (if no co-development is envisaged)


The amount of the allocation will be tailored to the needs of each call for projects. Several winners per call for projects may be rewarded.


Visibility of the winners

The winning teams will also benefit from visibility through:


– Participation of the winners and nominees in the Award Ceremony


– Press articles through which their names and projects will be associated with GRTgaz,


– Possible support from GRTgaz at various trade fairs


Launching of the 6 Challenges : 16/03/2018

For each call for projects, the envisaged timetable is as follows:


Pour chaque Challenge :

– L’analyse des candidatures se fait la semaine qui suit la date de clôture


– Les candidatures retenues sont invités à présenter leur solutions dans les 2 semaines qui suivent la date de clôture des candidatures


Applicant profile

Only legal persons may submit a proposal.

Participation in the Open Innovation Challenges is open to any company, laboratory or school wishing to present a solution or an innovative concept (start-up, SME, mid-cap, etc.)
The submission must be made by a legal representative and/or founder of the structure on its behalf.

The following may not compete: people employed by GRTgaz, the members of the jury and the experts providing their services for this contest or members of their family (spouse, ascendants, descendants and immediate first degree relatives).

Submission of applications

The applications can be completed on the Challenges’ website:

In the event of the non-availability of the website, and only in this case, the application may be sent by email to

The submission must include the following items:


– Presentation of the applicant company: name of the company, presentation of the company, address, website.

– Presentation of the project: Brief description of the concept (maximum 1 page), Description of your differentiating factors, free field

– Presentation of the team leading the project: names of the project leaders, position in the applicant company

– Contact information: email address, mobile phone number

– Other media: The applicant company may provide other media if it wishes

– Language: The application may be submitted in French or in English.


When the sending its application, the project leader will receive an email notifying him that the application has been received. He may be asked for clarifications about his application by GRTgaz.

Admissibility of the proposal

To be considered admissible, the applications must comply with the conditions below:


– Submission date: incomplete applications or those submitted after the closing date will not be taken into account

– Contents of the application: the information requested in the registration file must be completed.


For all applicants

GRTgaz considers that the information provided as such by the participant to a call for projects in the application file is confidential.

GRTgaz is authorised to communicate to the press and to publish on the website, the name of the applicant company and the call for projects for which it is making a submission.

The attention of the participants is drawn to the fact that no information whose communication would be infringe the rules of free and fair competition and non-discrimination will be disclosed, in accordance with Article L.111-77 of the Energy Code. This information is called “commercially sensitive information”.
GRTgaz undertakes to treat this information with the utmost caution, and not to disclose the information without the participant’s prior permission provided that it has previously been identified as “Confidential” by the participant.

It is expressly agreed between the parties (GRTgaz and the participating company) that the disclosure by one of the parties of confidential information to the other party under these rules may in no case be interpreted as conferring expressly or implicitly to the receiving Party, a right of any kind (under the terms of a licence or by any other means) to the materials, inventions or discoveries to which this confidential information relates, or any other intellectual or industrial property right.

The non-disclosure obligation, the subject-matter of this article, takes effect on the start date of the Challenges, i.e. 16 March 2018. It ends five (5) years afterwards.

Specific information for the “Meeting of nominees phase”

The jury undertakes to sign a confidentiality agreement if requested by the nominated company, thus guaranteeing within the context of meetings with GRTgaz, full confidentiality of the data exchanged.


Concepts proposed by the applicants

All intellectual and industrial property rights attached to the production of the projects presented by the applicants remain the participants’ property.
The applicant certifies that it is the holder of the intellectual and industrial property rights, and failing this, that it has all the necessary permissions regarding all the intellectual and industrial property rights attached to the project in question. It indemnifies GRTgaz in relation to any claim whatsoever by any third party in relation to all the intellectual and industrial property rights attached to the project submitted, as well as their financial consequences, which it declares to make its own personal business.
The applicant certifies not being subject to any obligation regarding its project and the various creations to which it relates which could limit its participation.
GRTgaz may in no case be held responsible if a project, or parts of it, reproduced work or other protected works.
Participation in the Challenges may not be interpreted as conferring on GRTgaz and on persons commissioned by GRTgaz permission or an industrial or commercial licence of any kind to use the said confidential information.

Use of the GRTgaz trademark

Applicants may include a link from their website to the website and use the GRTgaz and “Les Challenges Open Innovation de GRTgaz” in a written and non-graphical way.

The graphical use of the GRTgaz and ‘Les Challenges Open Innovation de GRTgaz” trademarks will be compulsorily subject to GRTgaz’s written permission specifying the terms and limitations of use.


Personal data

In the context of the Challenges, GRTgaz will use information regarding the applicants and in particular personal data needed to take their participation into account.

These personal data are subject to the legal and regulatory provisions, the so-called Computer Data and Freedoms provisions (and in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 applicable as of 25 May 2018 hereinafter referred to as “the European regulation on data protection”). Where appropriate each party will, for the duration of the Open Innovation Challenges 2018 make any mandatory statement and more generally will comply with the Computer Data and Freedoms regulations.

Any applicant has, in accordance with the European Regulation on Data Protection, a right to access and rectify personal data about it, and may oppose their transfer to third parties by notifying GRTgaz of its wish in writing at the following address:


Les Challenges Open Innovation

Direction des Achats, des Approvisionnements et de la Logistique

7 rue du 19 mars 1962 – 92230 Gennevilliers – France


Permission for use of the image

Each member of the applicant teams authorises, GRTgaz or any person that it designates, free of charge, to use the photos and videos transmitted as part of its submission, on all types of media to promote its project and/or the operation
The shots and interviews made will be used exclusively as part of the internal and external communication of GRTgaz for its training and promotional needs or information to the public about its activities.
This permission concerns, in particular, the right to represent or to have represented, reproduce or to have reproduced, in whole or in part, the applicant’s photographs and films, either by GRTgaz, directly, or by any third party authorised by GRTgaz, worldwide, by all technical methods and processes, known or currently unknown, in particular through the written press, audiovisual or computer means, on all media and in all formats, and to disseminate them both in the commercial and non-commercial sector, both public and private, for the purpose of collective and/or domestic reception.

This permission also grants to GRTgaz or to any person that it has designated, the right to use, reproduce and disseminate, in whole or in part, on all media and under the conditions mentioned above, the words that the applicant’s representative will have expressed as part of GRTgaz’s internal and external communication.

This image use permission is valid for 10 years from the acceptance date of these rules.


Obligation for all the applicants

The applicants must comply with the conditions for participating in the Challenges set out in these rules. In particular and without this list being exhaustive, it undertakes to comply with the following rules:


– Be available for a telephone dialogue if necessary, during the submission phase to finalise the submission.

– Communicate accurate information during the registration process and during the use of the submission site

– Respect the intellectual property rights relating to the content contained on GRTgaz websites as well as the intellectual property rights of third parties

– Not disseminate content, information or data of any kind that does not reflect reality

Obligations for the nominees

The nominees must be available to come and present their project during the jury sessions which will be organised in Paris during the “Meeting of nominees phase” as described in ARTICLE 4 – SELECTION PROCESS

The nominees must authorise GRTgaz to produce a presentation video recording during this phase for subsequent use for communications.

Obligations for the winners

The winners must undertake to be represented by at least one of their members at the award ceremony of the prizes and to present their solution (model, prototype, finalised product).


The rules are filed with: SELARL COUDERT FLAMMERY & Associés Huissier de Justice au 16 avenue Henri Barbusse BP 68 92700 COLOMBES Phone:

These rules are governed exclusively by French law.

The Court of Grande Instance of Paris will alone have jurisdiction to hear any dispute relating to the Open Innovation Challenges.