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“LA LETTRE DES ACHATS” magazine looks into the GRTgaz supplier relationship

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The benchmark of procurement news reveals that procurement is entering the Ecosystems age.


The many changes that procurement practices have undergone thanks to the Internet of Objects require that businesses are flexible, responsive and increasingly open according to this review.


There are processes known by all buyers at GRTgaz but their use depends on the context and the need. “When we work on projects that require greater agility, we allow ourselves to relax the rules and simplify the processes”, Mathilde DELIGNOU, Project Leader of the Open Innovation Challenges and coordinator of the procurement project at GRTgaz stated. It is within this context that the Open Innovation Challenges are organised, a means of no longer thinking in terms of suppliers but of partners because today the supplier relationship must be increasingly collaborative. These challenges reflect the needs expressed by the different departments (Technical, Operational, HR, etc.) without laying down specifications so as to leave leeway for innovation. The purpose of this challenge is to identify and invite actors outside of GRTgaz’s ecosystem to find solutions as part of a partnership and co-development framework.


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