Challenge N°1

Digitalisation of the Legal Department


The Legal Department of GRTgaz has gradually established a new dynamic working organisation which now requires assistance with creating an efficient legal information system adapted to its needs.


How to digitise the Legal Department?

The in-house digital tools available to the teams do not currently cover all the needs of the Legal Department. Off-the-shelf solutions meet a particular function (e.g. contract software, digital documentation) but do not appear to provide an integrated solution bringing together all the functions needed for a jurist to carry out their work efficiently.


The minimal technical constraints that must be taken into account are:

– Confidentiality in processing data entered into the tool

– Compliance with computer security


The Legal Department of GRTgaz is seeking an integrated digital solution aimed at optimising and enhancing its activities and the associated processes (workflows, opinions, validation, KPIs, etc.) for the following functions:


– Advice: capitalising and centralising in-house consultations and legal notes,

– Litigation: monitor litigation (facts, procedures, lawyers, financial amounts at stake, status of the case with an alert system regarding deadlines, etc.),

– Documentary database: archive the legal files, share the legal and economic knowledge, pool the digital documentation within the Legal Department, between the Departments of GRTgaz and with the companies of the GRTgaz Group,

– Performance indicators: assess and enhance the performance of the Legal Department,

– Contracts: centralise the contractual templates accompanied by a standard collection of clauses.


Financial: enhancement and increase in productivity of the Legal Department thanks to an optimised legal information system


Professionalisation: New dynamic working organisation: improved productivity of the Legal Department and a sense of fulfilment at work of all the jurists despite an increase in the workload (time saving in looking for documents and processing files, optimal sharing of files between jurists, improved collaborative work), space saving allows for better adaptation to the work (improvement in working conditions via better used office space ), increased efficiency in updating files, control over constructing and analysing the new performance indicators to assess the performance of the Legal Department, capitalisation and enhancement of the know-how and skills, use of Legal Department feedback.


Security: computer security: increased confidentiality of files and strengthened protection of Commercially Sensitive Information and Commercially Advantageous Information, centralised archiving system.


Data: capitalisation and enhancement of data of the Legal Department thus contributing to the increase in its performance.

Value prospects for the winner

In the short term, the need focuses primarily on implementing an application suited to the Legal Department’s needs.

In the medium term, this solution could be deployed within GRTgaz in other Departments. Volumes and deadlines for the need

Volumes / planning

The Legal Department has 17 jurists.

Proposed schedule: tool operational in September 2018

Closing date: 15/05/2018