Challenge N°7

Dynamic Car Park Management

Challenge nº7


The proposed consolidation of the three Lyon sites of GRTgaz on a new single site results in a reduction in the number of parking spaces available for the employees. Indeed, the number of parking places will be reduced from a total of 116 to 72. GRTgaz therefore needs to find a way of optimising use of the parking spaces.


– How can an assessment of the current situation be carried out to obtain a precise idea of the number of spaces needed?

– How can the parking spaces available for the staff be optimised and managed dynamically?

To answer these questions, it is important to take into account that presence on the site varies all the time due to travel, leave, teleworking and that fewer people need to park at certain times of the day, the week, the month or the year. Moreover, this is a sensitive project where staff have been relocated to a new site with low acceptability of the project by the teams.


The main operational requirements which the proposal must take into account are as follows:

– It is a car park shared with other companies and GRTgaz employees do not have dedicated access.

– Visitor traffic on the future site will be significant.

– The solution must be easy to implement and not require significant physical changes.


The main objectives for GRTgaz of this challenge are as follows:

– Obtain an assessment of the situation (number of spaces available v. desired number of spaces);

– Obtain a solution for optimising management of the car park spaces;

– Improve user satisfaction of the car park:

– the solution must make access to the parking spaces available easier (facilitate identification, inform the user about the availability/non-availability of spaces, possibly even provide “back-up” solutions for the users).

– Obtain data about the performance and costs of the car parks in order to harness the information for future projects.

Volumes / Time scales of the need

– Volumes: 1 site in Lyon. Possibility to extend the system to other GRTgaz sites later.

– Proposed schedule: implementation no later than September 2018

Issues for GRTgaz

– Financial: OPEX/CAPEX, optimisation of expenditure,

– Safety: avoid unnecessary driving by employees,

– Other: improve the quality of life in the workplace

Closing date: 04/06/2018